Heyy people, it’s been a hell of a while! Happy New Year! How have you all been?

I’ve been on an unintentional hiatus for MONTHS now but I am so happy to announce that I’m back (for those who care lol). I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery and personal development, per se, and I’ve got to say I’m back with a heightened sense of self-love so yay for me!

I’m back to being a full-time law student so, on the plus side, there’s more angst to fuel my writing…yay? I’m also back with another blog soo I would love for you guys to follow my new blog @ . It’s a blog about a girl navigating this thing called life, and writing about it, which embracing vulnerability- which generally used to make me rather uncomfortable. See?? Personal development in action! P.S the blog is still under construction so fear not if it looks a little abandoned 🙂

Can’t wait to be more active on here, and to welcome you guys to Ria’s Reverie! Thank you for reading xx


Your homegirl x


When Love Breathes Its Last

Dawn’s early light seeping through the bedroom window, Louella gingerly fluffs up the last of the pillows, his. Unmoved by the ungrateful silence received in return, she moves to draw the curtains fully, basking in the dawn of a new day. Still silence.

She turns around, meeting his cold gaze, his ever-dishonest eyes. The very same which promised love and honour but delivered bruises. Louella had confused his abuse for love until she refused to be a casualty of his personal warfare. To find herself, she has to leave without delay; she especially must leave before the flies came for him.


The High Road: a path less taken


“Never wrestle with pigs for the pigs remain clueless and you end up muddy.”

– Orrin Woodward

At some point, we’ve all been advised to “take the high road”, “be the bigger person” or to “take it on the chin” rather than taking matters into your own hands and reacting to that bitch bothering you.

Well it’s MOST DEFINITELY easier said than done…

Being honest, before I really understood what those infuriating terms meant, I’d just thought it meant being passive as hell and letting the above-mentioned bitches get away with their wrongdoings. But I guess it’s much more than that.

In my bid to understand wtf it actually meant, I stumbled upon Lisa Merlo-Booth’s description of this enigma and I just- wow. She describes it as: acting with integrity at all times and not just in good or happy times. Staying respectful & true to yourself, taking care of yourself, deciding how to respond/react without stooping to the other person’s level. And she really did not tell a lie. The worst thing is feeling upset AT YOURSELF when you stoop below your own standards & can’t even recognise yourself. Just awful!

But still, even after Miss Lisa’s wonderful explanation, I still felt like “omg why though?? It just isn’t fair 😦 .” Yeah, I can be stubborn like that. However, I must say that, from experience, it’s rather empowering and a form of self-care, if we’re being honest.

So, why not? Plus it isn’t like there’s any traffic on there anyway, most individuals are too busy on the low road which, most times than not, leads nowhere. Fair enough, it does involve putting your ego in the backseat, i.e aside (which can be truly hard to do sometimes) but the views from up there are a sight to behold! Legit.


Of Mice & Me..

“Today, if you invent a better mousetrap, the government comes along with a better mouse.”

— Ronald Reagan


Okay, I must confess it was just 1 mouse but it tormented me for about 2 weeks. And, unlike Lennie, I had ALL intention to get rid of it!!

One of my brothers was the first to see it & of course, we sprang to action- put out a bunch of glue traps, snap traps & whatnot. Yet some way, some how, the bloody creature refused to get caught and I had absolutely no clue how that was possible. That wasn’t until I had the poor luck of seeing the damn thing- so effing tiny, ugh.

This made it like 1000% worse because I thought it was small enough to finesse its way through the MULTIPLE traps so of course this led me down the rabbit hole of researching how to get rid of mice. I found some pretty interesting things but the easiest & most convenient for me was spraying a mixture of bleach & vinegar all around their suspected hiding places. Apparently this repels mice because it smells like the pee of their predators (I was willing to try anything okay??). So I did this & left the balcony door open slightly with the hope that it’d be so frightened to the point of running tf out.

Yes, I can be pretty darn optimistic.

I did this routine of spraying the mixture about 4 times a day, for about 4/5 days.

THEN, one bright early morning, about 4 days ago, I walked into the living room & received wonderful news from my bro- the dickhead had been caught on one of the glue traps. I could breathe again.

Also, during my research, found out from one of my girls that lavender is a great moth-icide. Just btw.

If anyone knows any other (tried & tested) rodent repellents out there, do share please. Insect repellents would be greatly appreciated too, because ’tis the season. Thanks 😀

Stay safe xx


Writer’s Block vs Me

“The wonderful thing about writing is that there is always a blank page waiting.
The terrifying thing about writing is that there is always a blank page waiting.”

— J.K. Rowling



I don’t think I’ve ever experienced writer’s block to this extent. Perhaps it’s (it most definitely is) the lack of inspiration.

I’ve stepped unto my balcony several times in the last couple of days searching for said inspiration. What I found? Nothing but nothing. There was the odd neighbour I saw doing the same thing as me (I’m guessing), and I’m pretty sure I saw the pavement frown- my cue to head back in!

Writing this post is my little way of fighting back: sitting down to write this is basically me getting into the ring, sliding my gloves on, and each word is a punch in Writer’s Block’s face/gut. Soo you could say I’ve landed 147 punches as of right NOW. Hmm, one would say I was winning, don’t you think?

Like my man John Rogers said, you can’t think yourself out of a writing block, you have to write yourself out of a thinking block. This then raises the question: do I have writer’s block or a thinking block? Both?? YIKES

I would really really love to know what you guys do to get out of this funk, especially in this social climate. Pleasee let me know & thanks in advance!

Happy Easter lovelies!! Stay safe xx


That Was Before


“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” 

— Madeleine L’Engle


Back against the door,

she slides to the floor

Tears running down her face

-in a stampede-

She sinks further,

further into the dark abyss.


Day becomes night,

Night becomes day.


Slowly slowly

But surely

No one is let in.

They come knocking,

Calling, texting…



Suddenly, all at once

You creep in like a thief at night

-stealing her joy, leaving her no choice-

She is now your hostage, and you? Her blight


On second thought, to you, she succumbs

“Maybe you’re a blessing in disguise,

a blessing in the guise of my Stockholm.”


And for much longer than she would ever care to admit

You became all that she knew.

But not anymore,

To happiness, she decided to commit.

She is anew.


That was before.






A Day…Week…Month… In The Life!

“Long-term boredom can’t lead to anything good.”

– Nicholas Hoult

Heyy homies (hmm I think I like this).

These times have been awfully worrisome & trying for us all, with this pandemic around us. I really hope that, as you’re reading this, you’re doing so from the comfort of your homes while staying safe (indoors!!!).

Soo, while staying safe is THE most important thing, I would say keeping busy to maintain our mental health while being cooped up inside is a super close second. I’ve obviously been doing my best at this but I think we can all agree that there’s kinda sorta a limit to just HOW busy we can be. Especially when you consider the fact that we’re essentially changing from pyjamas to *drum roll* fresher pyjamas!

Uh- well, excuuuse Miss Debby Downer, don’t know who invited her to the party! This post was really intended to **cheerfully** share how my days go, you my weeks go, how I lose track of what day of the week it is, and how my sleeping pattern is all messed up and h- sorry, sorry, my bad.

AS IT HAPPENS, a few things have actually come out of this long term boredom if I’m being honest. I have:

  • Started this blog!!!
  • Started learning French (oui oui)
  • Started an online course on Finance
  • Picked up crocheting again (take 4/5)
  • Played sooo much Sims
  • Caught up on a few TV Shows
  • Made plans to read more books

So I guess I could say the boredom comes & goes, it’s helped me pick up new hobbies and that can’t hurt, of course.

How about you guys?? What do you do to stay busy?? And do you have any book recommendations?? Prettyyy please let me know as I’m in dire need of some inspo!!

Stay safeee xx




Soo I started a blog??

“Got an idea to start”, “Thinking to start” and “Making a commitment to start” is one aspect of life. Actually “Starting” what you truly want to do in life, is a completely different ball game.

-Manoj Arora

Heyy you!! Welcome to HomeGirl Chronicles. As I write this post, I’m still wondering what on earth I’m going to write about so, bear with me please x

I guess I could say it’s a personal blog about general lifestyle, music, relationships (what I’ve heard of them, anyway) and all-round home-girl shit. This may also include some short stories written by yours truly. This is really a medium for me to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and all of that good stuff. Comments and/or questions are always welcome, huns.

Like my man Manoj Arora said, actually starting is a different ball game and that is why I decided to get in the game ALREADY. I’d been procrastinating for about a year but… here we are! xx